I always thought that spots were something you got when you were in your early teens. That’s what all of the films, TV shows and magazines that were around me growing up led me to believe anyway. So when I got to 17 with only a few blackheads under my hat, I thought I’d escaped the whole acne thing. Imagine my surprise, then, when my face starts looking like a complete pizza as I’m nearing my 18th birthday!

It was so annoying that as everyone else seemed to be getting rid of their spots, I was just starting to get them. I though that i was an anomaly, but after watching a lot of YouTube videos about people’s “Acne Story”, it doesn’t seem as unusual as I thought. A lot of people seem to have had the same experience as me – trying basically every product under the sun with absolutely no results. I’ve tried Clinique, Clean and Clear, Freederm, coconut oil, The Body Shop products, antibiotics and I’m sure plenty of others, and nothing worked. If this is something you can relate to this is the post for you!

After seeing all of the hype about Mario Badescu products, I decided to take the plunge and I have honestly never been so happy with a purchase. Whilst my skin hasn’t completely cleared up, I have seen a massive improvement in my skin in the 6 weeks I’ve been using these products. I thought I’d share with you guys my skincare routine in case any of you are struggling with acne at the moment!


Step 1. Cleanser

After taking my makeup off with Garnier Micellar water, I wash my face with the Acne Facial Cleanser. On the bottle it tells you to leave the product on your face for a few minutes to allow it to cleanse out all of the dead skin cells etc. A tip for cleansing that I’ve picked up is to make sure that you use luke warm water – if the water’s too cold your pores won’t open and they won’t be cleansed properly, too hot and your skin will be damaged.


Step 2. Toner

I then put some of the Special Cucumber Lotion onto a cotton pad and wipe it over my face after drying it with a towel. I’m not actually sure what this step does but the solution does smell quite nice!



Step 3. Moisturiser

I think this is probably one of my favourite products that comes in the kit. Something that I was always quite wary of was moisturiser – it felt like moisturising my skin would make my spots worse because I already had quite oily skin. Therefore, the Oil Free Moisturiser is perfect for anyone with oily skin because it allows you to moisturise without making the problem worse.



Step 4. Spot Cream

If you’ve got any of those spots that are really painful, the under the skins ones that you can feel brewing, put a dot of the Drying Cream/Drying Lotion on it at night and guaranteed, it will be gone the next morning. I have no idea how they work but they are actually miracle products!


Step 5. Face Masks 

I try to use face masks once or twice a week. If my face is particularly spotty, or I can feel a few brewing, then I will use the Mario Badescu drying mask. This one doesn’t have the nicest smell, so I’ve warned you! If my skin is mostly spot free, I’ll just use a sheet mask to give it a moisture boost.


 Step 6. Exfoliate

I only picked this product recently, but I can definitely see what all of the hype was about. This is The Body Shop’s Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel. I’ve been using it a couple of times a week and have loved it so far. You just squeeze a couple of pumps onto your face and rub it in using your fingers. You can literally see the dead skin cells coming off (gross, I know). My skin feels so much better for using it, and it has really made a difference to the red marks left over from spots, so if you struggle with acne marks this is a must have!

I hope this post was useful for those of you who are struggling with acne and bad skin. I know how it feels not feel comfortable with your skin so I really hope that these products work as well for you as they have for me. If you have any questions, or want to share some products you’ve had success with then leave a comment below! x





  1. I don’t have acne but my skin has been awful recently so will take your routine on board! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too as I’m nearing 600 followers xx


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